About WBM

Who we are and why we do what we do

You can focus on managing your business while we handle the supervision, training, labor, payroll, insurance and other tasks associated with your company’s building maintenance needs.

Our Founder

Jimmy L. Woodley

Did you know…
  1. 1WBM began in 1969 with it’s founder Jimmy Woodley as owner.

Privately owned and family operated

As a privately owned company, there are no shareholder dividends to meet, so we can invest in attracting, training and retaining our industry’s top talent to serve you. As a family owned entity, we have a vested interest and take full responsibility for each job.

Diverse history and experience

With over 100 combined years of experience in the building maintenance industry, our management team represents an excellent blend of technical, managerial and business skills. We are a minority owned business with a range of large and small diversified accounts.

Company values

Today, as throughout our history, WBM is building on a tradition of excellence based upon our financial strength, quality products and services, and the professionalism of our field associates. We value a job well done and being there for you when you need us.

Our customers benefit the most from our ability to scale and being able to work with one central point of contact

We just take care of it - it’s the Woodley Way. Find out how it can work for you.

We saw an 8% reduction in downtime after we
started working with Woodley.