Going Green

Doing what's right for the environment

Whether your company has a sustainability plan already in place, or you’re just getting started, Woodley helps customers by offering a combination of building improvements, recycling programs, and biodegradable low toxicity cleaning solutions that can help reduce the 6 billion pounds of chemicals and 4.5 billion pounds of janitorial paper consumed in the U.S. every year.

WBM is committed to developing and maintaining an environment that enhances human health and fosters a transition toward sustainability. The WBM/Green Clean program is a commercial cleaning program that is designed to increase the health and quality of our buildings for the benefit of our employees, tenants and the environment. WBM is committed to continuous improvement.

  • Demonstrating institutional practices that promote sustainability, including measures to increase efficiency and use of renewable resources, and to decrease production of waste and hazardous materials, both in WBM’s own operations and in those of its suppliers.
  • Promoting health, productivity and safety of the WBM community through the maintenance of the built environment.
  • Enhancing the health of your building’s ecosystems.
  • Developing tools to allow comparative analysis of sustainability implications and to support long-term economic, environmental and socially responsible decision-making.
  • Encouraging environmental education throughout the company.
  • Establishing indicators for sustainability that enable monitoring, reporting and continuous improvement.

Woodley has been able to achieve waste reductions with some of its customers by implementing an effective recycling program that includes not only collection bins and containers for paper, cans, glass, cardboard, pallets, and restroom products, but also supports composting of wet trash such as food scraps and containers.

At Woodley we have programs for effectively dealing with the growing problem of e-waste by retrofitting lighting and recycling bulbs, metals, plastics, computer monitors and other industrial products that may contain hazardous materials.

By utilizing the full range of products and processes our customers can acquire up many of the points required to achieve LEED® certification.

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