Uniquely managing each building

Always a front-runner, Woodley implemented our online quality assurance and client communications platform back in 2009. We like how it gives our customers a direct connection to us and helps us monitor our performance. Quality assurance is important to us, now we have it available in real-time.


Woodley uses CleanTelligent™ software for quality assurance as well as comprehensive client communications. This guarantees a closed-loop system and ensures all program information is captured in one place and targeted metrics are properly benchmarked and available as needed.

We create inspections based on contract specifications and the specific requirements of each building. Inspection results are available online immediately after completion

Real-Time Performance Results
Our clients have secure login access providing them real-time information, reports and trends monitoring.

Our clients can send messages, flag issues and take surveys through our CleanTelligent™ system. Once a message is sent all responsible personnel are notified immediately so that issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

We have a track record of resolving most issues in less than 24 hours.

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We saw an 8% reduction in downtime after we
started working with Woodley.